Thursday, October 22, 2009

Non believers and believers, can't we all just get along?

Just my perspective, debates welcome.

A believer has not many questions to think answers for, they have one black hole - God - that they can throw the question at it gets sucked into the mysterious nowhere, and they breath in relief.

A non-believer on the other hand, has a lot to think about. Just for starters, a way to prove to the believers that there might not be a God at all. This is a bit strange because the way I know it, unless shown something does not exist, and its be believer's responsibility to do so - like the bigfoot - most of the world does not believe in it, but the believers try and keep the news alive with a sighting, with a foot mark, with a long range blurry picture.

I can comprehend the need for belief in a higher power. Rulers and leaders of old times, needed some way to bring a chaotic environment to 'law abiding' one. Coupled with that there are these unexplained things like rain, wind, lightning, sun, drought, flood, never ending ocean, untouchable moon - and the list goes on. It was a perfect storm to 'create' God. I can understand the need for God for peace then, and the need for it now.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and all people believed (should I say un-believed) that there is no God. People who believed in God and did the right thing - would still do so, people who feared God and did the right thing (majority in my thinking) would have nothing to fear for anymore, and can you imagine the havoc?

So people, it is not a overnight change, it has to be gradual - like the gay rights movement - cannot happen overnight, but there is a need to keep fighting until you convince the rest of the world. Here I am really addressing to Atheists - because they are the only one I really care for because some of the atheists try militantly to convince everyone that there is no God - like their counterparts (the believers, some of them) who try do the opposite, and hence rest of the atheists and theists alike are painted with the same brush - people who try and convert - my way or the highway - cuts both ways!

On the other hand, believers are also guilty of similar thinking. To a large percentage of believers, the rest are all non-believers and just that. However, thats really not the case, is it? We are Atheists, Agnostics, Pantheists, and variations of the philosophies like *Agnostic Pantheists* (that's me) and many more.

I have heard people say "agnostics are atheists with no balls" - a very one dimensional statement, but hurts nonetheless depending on who says it - believer or an atheist. That's just an example of how divided non-believers are. Pantheists are nature worshipers better definition here. Most scientists are pantheists is what I have heard. People like me - agnostic pantheists - are the somewhere in between, we believe in the nature, the science, and what we cannot explain, we ignore - until the science sets it right.

Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam to name a few among the numerous - some older than others - have a different God, and to think about it, the God of one religion hasn't wrecked havoc on the others for not believing in them. That begs the question - do Gods have groups too :) - this I don't believe in too.

What is common among all religions? Would you say - help thy neighbor ? - may be, but the most important thing that is common in FAITH. Which is what binds a community together. Faith for the sake of peace, for the sake of harmony. And please, I pity those who have faith for the sake of fear of punishment!

Faith is all that keeps us going.
Can we all understand that?
Can't we all just get along?

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