Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Estimating and deciphering your Amazon Web Services bills

We started using amazon web services at SpikeSource, and a large machine running in one of the zones just went unnoticed until our monthly bill!

The monthly bill told me that I had run a large machine on the west zone for 110 hours - didn't tell me when! There are no controls on amazon to setup alerts to check if "I have left the lights on"

The usage reports that amazon lets you download have cryptic codes that is not easily understood by just staring at the csv (or xml) - Example below.

Now, it would have been nice if amazon provided me with a better idea on when and where my money went! Something like the graph below would be fantastic!

Amazon does not do that, but we do! These are some screen-shots from our SpikeSource's awswatch service. This service is completely free, and gives you a overall picture of your spendings by the hour, for as long as amazon provides you the usage report for.

You can also monitor your images for cpu, memory, data transfer and disk usage.

If you need a simple cost estimate, we have the simplest calculator you can find to give you a ball-park figure for your

Head on over to and try our service, let us know what you think - It is FREE!