Friday, September 28, 2007

Indians and cricket - Religion or Stupidity?

Recently India won the much celebrated and a new cricket world cup format Twenty20

I could not be more happy after a humiliating defeat in the recent normal (one-day) world cup, but look at the sheer media attention, and the amount of money that each of these players made in comparison to our national Hockey team players who recently won the Asia Hockey Cup 2007 beating Korea 7-2 to defend the championship!

People are all ga-ga over it. Cricket fans might say that 'Cricket is a religion in India', I would really say - you are in some kind of crazy funky religion where mass hysteria is rampant, you hate the team when they loose, and worship them when they win - give me a break!

Our hockey team is pretty distraught by all this right now! And it is not really fair for them.Link